Learning To Lead (L2L)

The Learning to Lead program is entering its 14th year of existence. Sophomore students participate in an orientation day either canoeing Sugar Creek or the low ropes course at Purdue, a community service project, Agriculture day, Law enforcement/emergency management day, Government Day, State House Day, Poverty Simulation/Cultural diversity day, and flight day. Participation in Learning to Lead exposes students to community and state leaders, as well as learning about various aspects of the community they will need to lead their communities in the future.


While I coordinate and lead this program, there are many others who volunteer their time to help these students learn about leadership and volunteerism. Two extension educators assist program coordinator Nancy Elsea, Caren Crum and Britt Reese.

Activities include:

  • Canoe trip
  • Service Projects
  • Agriculture Day (Farm Bureau sponsor)
  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Management
  • Government Day
  • A Visit to the Indiana State Capital State House
  • Poverty Simulation
  • Cultural Diversity Day
  • Flight day

This school year, we had 48 graduates of the Learning to Lead program. The total number of alumni is 420.

Funding for this program comes from various sources.

Thanks to all of our sponsors: Regions Bank, the Clinton County Drug and Alcohol Coalition, Custom Building Products and private donors support the program financially.


The cost for the program is approximately $11,000 per year. Students pay $50 to participate in the program and this is increasing to $75 next year.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Elsea, Program Coordinator at (765) 659-6380 ext. 1815 or email nelsea@purdue.edu

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