HSE High School Equivalency Test (formerly known as GED)

High School Equivalency and College Preparation

English and Spanish speaking residents of Clinton County meet weekly at the Learning Network to prepare for their High School Equivalency (HSE) test (Currently called the TASC exam and formerly known as the GED exam). The Clinton County Adult Education Program also helps prepare adults for college and career pathway certifications through WorkIN. We cater to many different educational goals including advanced English language acquisition.

We also welcome volunteers interested in helping others achieve their goals. Please contact Amie Milam, Site Coordinator, to find out how you can help at 765-659-6380 ext. 1822.

Adult TASC/GED students are expected to:

  • Complete the program registration form and learner’s agreement
  • Complete a pre-assessment in order to evaluate an individualized learning plan of study
  • Attend 4-6+ open learning lab hours each week for optimal learning success
  • Complete assigned homework
  • Take a post-assessment after 30-50 hours of instructional classes

Classes meet according to the following schedule:

English HSE Open Learning Lab Hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 10 AM – 2 PM and 4 PM – 8PM

Spanish HSE Classes:

  • Monday & Wednesday: 8-10 am
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 6-8 pm

Workforce Development Training

WorkINdiana can help you build your future. Employers want individuals with experience and training. A High School Diploma may not be enough to get the job you need. Take your skills to the next level with WorkINdiana. We currently offer preparation and referrals to various WorkIN Certification Trainings which are located at our partner Region 4 Adult Education site locations. Please contact our Region 4 WorkIN Coordinator, Christopher Parker at 765-476-2920 or email him at cparker@lafayette.in.us

For more information regarding any of the above services, please contact Amie Milam at 765-659-6380 ext.1822 or e-mail clintoncoae@gmail.com

**Spanish HSE classes are not funded by Region 4, the Clinton County Adult Education program, or by LARA.

What is the High School Equivalency Test?

The HSE is an alternative for earning a high school diploma. Your HSE diploma can be earned after completing a test based on five subject areas including Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. The skills you are taught and eventually tested on are at the same level as those of graduating high school seniors.

Am I eligible to take the High School Equivalency Test?

If you meet all of the following qualifications, you may take the test:

  • You have lived in Indiana a minimum of 30 days immediately preceding the testing.
  • You have NOT earned a high school diploma from an accredited United States high school.
  • You are at least 16 years of age. (16 and 17 year-olds must provide additional documentation of an Indiana exit interview and a document with a Superintendent’s signature).

How much does it cost to take the test?

The High School Equivalency Test cost $90 and will include five subject areas.

How do I sign up?


The Learning Network is now a state licensed testing center for TASC! A registration form needs to be filled out a week before the test. At the time of registration you must present ONE government issued picture ID. Preferred choice would be an Indiana Driver’s License or Indiana State ID. If you have an out-of-state ID, you are required to provide additional documentation proving residency in the State of Indiana for at least 30 days. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you must also bring additional documentation of an Exit Interview from your last school and a Superintendent’s signature. Please contact Amie Milam for more information and to register.

How long is the test?

More than six hours are needed to complete the five tests. It is given over a two-day period.

Our testing site offers morning and evening sessions. A testing schedule will be available at the time of registration.

Is the test on a Computer or is it Paper/Pencil based test?

Tests can be either computer or paper/pencil depending on the testers preference.

What are the subject areas tested?

  • Language Arts: Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts: Reading
  • Mathematics

What scores do I need to pass?

To earn your High School Equivalency Certification you must pass each individual sub-test with a minimum score of 500. After the tests are completed you will be able to view your results online at www.diplomasender.com within 10-14 days. The actual documentation will be mailed within 2-6 weeks.

What if I fail the High School Equivalency Test?

You may retest in any subject that you did not pass. You do not have to do the entire test over.

There is no waiting time to retest. The cost to retake an individual test is $18 per test.

An individual may retest no more than 3 times in a calendar year.

Do I get a high school diploma if I pass the High School Equivalency Test?

No, if you pass, you will receive a High School Equivalency Certificate issued by the state of Indiana.

Flyer for Clinton County Adult Education

Contact information:

Amie Milam

Clinton County Adult Education Site Coordinator

Learning Network of Clinton County

1111 S. Jackson Street

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765-659-6380 Ext: 1822