Clinton County Youth RISE! (Responsible, Involved, Supported and Educated)

Active from 2015 until June 2020, Youth RISE! was a collaboration of the Learning Network of Clinton County/Purdue Extension, Healthy Communities, and the Office of Adolescent Health. 

The program provided access to evidence-based programing with ongoing training and support to youth, parents, guardians, leaders, and champions of the community. By promoting healthy relationships and awareness about responsible choices regarding risky behaviors, reproductive health, and social development, the program reduced teenage pregnancy rates and increased youth awareness of healthy behaviors.


Elementary level: Raising Healthy Children

At the K-5 level, we utilized a positive approach to social development, promoting key elements that research shows are critical for building strong connections at school and at home.

Middle school: Draw the Line, Respect the Line

Our middle school programming encouraged and empowered youth to use the skills they learned to make healthy choices. Its goal was to delay youth from participating in risky behaviors, reducing the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV.

High School: Reducing the Risk

In our high school programming, we worked to build skills to help students make healthy and informed decisions. They gained tools that emphasized refusal statements, delay statements, alternative actions, abstinence, and protection to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Parent Component: Families Talking Together

Our parent-based program helped parents, caretakers, and guardians communicate with youth. This training provided parents with practical skills and tools to open a dialogue about potentially awkward or difficult topics. Families Talking Together was designed to help parents pass on their core values to their children.


Our passion and dedication was driven by our Youth Council who met monthly. They were the core element of this program, helping us see and understand the adolescents’ point of view.

The Community Council met every other month and was composed of parents, professionals, and guardians, as well as two Youth Council members. They listened, supported, and partook in the Youth Council’s ideas, events, and community projects.


Contact Information


Monica Blaisdell

Grant Manager

Learning Network

1111 S Jackson Street

765-659-6380 Ext. 1825