21st CCLC (Century Community Learning Center)

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Our mission is to enrich educational opportunities for students in Frankfort and Clinton County in grades 1 thru 12 and Ivy Tech. In partnership with the Community Schools of Frankfort and our Learning Network, we offer the following programs and instructional sessions:

ASE (After School Enrichment) – For students at Blue Ridge, Green Meadows and Suncrest, there is a daily after-school program during the school year to support and enhance reading and math literacy for students in grades 1-5. Special presentations are scheduled monthly on a variety of STEM subjects including Botany, Genetics (strawberry DNA!) and a friendly, smiling llama visit among other animals. Sessions are Monday-Thursday. Students are enrolled for the year and daily attendance is expected from 3:15-5:00 pm. Instruction, food, and bus transportation is provided at no cost to the student.

Tutoring – At the Learning Network tutoring is provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year. Certified teachers in both the language arts and math disciplines are there to assist students throughout the county in grades 3 thru 12 and Ivy Tech students a well. The “drop-in” tutoring is offered at no cost to the students but current school materials and assignments should be brought in by the students for the individual instructional help.

Lego League – Robots and computers! 🙂 Elementary students in 3-5 grades and middle school 6th graders are formed into teams in September of each school year. Practices are held for the elementary students at the Learning Network, while middle school practices will be held on-site at the Frankfort Middle School. Enrollment for these two teams are open to CSF students only. Practices are twice a week for a 2 hour period immediately following school dismissal and continue until the Saturday competition date in November. Students in the elementary schools are bused to the Learning Network but transportation home for the Learning Network and Middle school students is the responsibility of the parents.

An additional elementary team is formed in February for a 10 week session. These students are recruited from but not limited to 4-H members. This team does not compete but does a family and community showcase night for their closing activities. All transportation is the responsibility of the parents.

Snacks provided and fees vary depending on the session funding.

ETE – (Evening Tutoring and Enrichment) – Children, ages 5 – 12, of parents in the EL Civics evening classes are provided with tutoring assistance and instruction in reading and math as well as craft projects, cultural awareness, and coordination/athletic movement activities and challenges. Minimal session charges for snacks and materials. Licensed teacher instruction.

21st CCLC After-School Enrichment Program 
Exploring the human heart with Ag Educator, Britt Reese


Louisa Hoffman, Program Director
765-659-6380 Ext. 1820